Before Meghan Markle Married Prince Harry, She Was Warned About This One Thing

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When Meghan Markle gave up Hollywood for the palaces and pomp of Britain and the title of Duchess of Sussex, she ignored friends’ warnings about wedding Prince Harry. And although she has had a happy marriage, blessed with a son, she has sometimes had to deploy the famous British “stiff upper lip.” Indeed, it hasn’t all been roses for the American duchess.

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Meghan gave up a burgeoning career as an actress to marry into British royalty. Her biggest role was as Rachel Zane in TV drama Suits. On top of that, she made a name as a feminist voice with her website The Tig. However, she relinquished that too, as well as her social media accounts, when she became engaged to Prince Harry in 2017. The marriage went ahead in 2018, and Meghan welcomed son Archie in 2019.

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Family is important to Meghan, which perhaps has made it all the more painful that she’s had struggles with her biological relations. Big sister Samantha has particularly been problematic, reportedly riven with jealousy of Meghan. She’s often found herself in the papers saying some off-color things about her half-sister, not least that she’s the “Duchess of Nonsense.”

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Dad Thomas has also been unhappy with Meghan, claiming that she’s been “ghosting” him. The conflict between the two of them reached a peak when she was married. He was not invited to the wedding when he might have expected to lead her down the aisle. Indeed, affairs between the two reached the point where they could no longer talk, with the disagreement somewhat fueled by Thomas posing for photos that didn’t show him in the best light.

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Meghan cannot say that she wasn’t warned. Indeed, her friends suggested to her that she’d face one big problem if she went ahead with marrying Harry. That problem is the British tabloid press. The friends said this section of the media would “destroy your life” and certainly they’ve made things unpleasant at times. Harry is currently embroiled in a court action over the publication of a letter from Thomas to Meghan and another over alleged voicemail hacking.